Microsoft Office – Free for all St Andrew’s College Students


In October 2013 Microsoft made an announcement that qualifying institutions would be able to provide the full Office365 and Desktop Applications in the Office Suite to their students for free:

In an effort to help prepare students for the technology skills required in the workforce, Microsoft on Tuesday announced Student Advantage, a new benefit to qualifying institutions that brings Microsoft Office 365 Education to more students worldwide. Microsoft Office 365 Education, an always-up-to-date cloud productivity service, is currently used by 110 million students, faculty and staff around the world. Office 365 Education enables students to communicate and collaborate more efficiently, access assignments in shared workspaces, have notes synchronized in OneNote and have familiar Office applications such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel anywhere, across virtually any device.

St Andrew’s students are able to download a copy of the MS Office suite for their Windows (Win7 or Win8) or Apple devices (OS X) and a video outlining how to do this is provided:

Digital Citizenship

Different Facets of Digital Citizenship at St Andrew's College

Different Facets of Digital Citizenship at St Andrew’s College

I have published a copy of our Digital Citizenship statement here for you to view.

Andrew Churches from Kristin School and Netsafe NZ¬†have contributed significantly to current thinking in this area, and we have incorporated the main ideas into our approach at St Andrew’s College. These are:

  • Respect and Protect yourself online
  • Respect and Protect others online
  • Respect and Protect the intellectual property rights of others online.

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