Why blog these stories?

In 2012 a decision was made for St Andrew’s College to launch a 1:1 computing programme in 2014, starting with the Yr9 Cohort. This decision represented a major departure from the traditional methods in which technology was used in classrooms and we believe creates exciting opportunities for learning in a digital environment.

Whilst there will be a big change in the look and feel of those Yr9 classrooms as every student has a device, in many respects it will simply be the natural progression for teachers who are already using a wide range of ICT tools in their planning and teaching. This blog aims to highlight some of those e-Learning stories and showcase some of the work that students have been producing.

This blog will update approximately every fortnight with a new e-Learning story throughout Term 4, 2013. Once our 1:1 programme launches in 2014 we will continue to provide insights into the teaching and learning in classes and how technology is impacting on that in meaningful ways.

2 thoughts on “Why blog these stories?

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